How to Setup and Localize a Leica iCG60 or iCG70T Base/Rover Kit

How to Setup and Localize a Leica iCG60 or iCG70T Base/Rover Kit

Setting up the Leica GPS Base/Rover Kit

1. Power on the Base Station, Rover Receiver and Tablet

2. Once everything is good to go, click “Devices” on the main menu screen

3. Select “BASE”, then “Yes” when prompted

4. It will say “Synchronizing”, then select “New Station”

5. Select “Measure Anywhere”, then “Measure”

6. Once the point has been measured, click the green checkmark, then click it again

7. It will say “Uploading base setup”, click “Ok” when it pops ups as successful

8. Click the back arrow to get to the main menu, then click “Devices” again

9. Select “Rover” and it should synchronize the profile

10. Click “Coordinate System”, then “Create New”, then “Small Area”

11. Set up the Rover on the first control point and click “Average”

12. Move to the second control point and click “Average”

13. Measure 4-5 control points if possible, also make sure they are around the area you are working in

14. You can click the Ribbon by the green checkmark to see the accuracy of each control point, verify then click the green checkmark and press “Ok” to finish localization

15. Now you are completely setup and ready to start laying out points!

16. If at any point the system isn’t working, click the radio icon along the top row: under corrections status the Last Received should be 1s and In Last Minute be above 90%