ASE SLP2 Bracket & Total Station Roller Layout Cart w/ Laser for Robotic Total Stations

ASE SLP2 Bracket & Total Station Roller Layout Cart w/ Laser for Robotic Total Stations

ASE SLP2 Collapsible Roller Layout Cart Kit For Trimble, Topcon & Leica Total Stations

The SLP2 Version 2 Kit is a total station accessory that works with most brands (Leica, Topcon, Trimble, Hilti) and will save hours and expand the user's abilities of your total station. The SLP2 Version 2 is designed for Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing layout indoors, on floor or ceiling. It also works well outdoors on corrugated steel, large pan waffle decks, and any uneven surfaces. It is well rounded, and works consistently in many challenging situations. The SLP2 has the fastest learning curve and best potential for usefulness compared to other layout techniques. We also include a 30 Day Return and 90 Day Warranty with all our equipment, please contact us at 360-571-2346 with any questions!

This Includes:

  • 1 - SitePro Green Beam Laser
  • 1 - SLP2 Layout Bracket (New Design)
  • 1 - Collapsible Layout Cart Version 2 w/ Pole Clamps


  • Self Leveling
  • Collapsible
  • Accuracy 1/4" at 100'
  • Layout
  • Installation
  • Quality Control
  • Easy to mark laser dot offset from your prism pole.
  • Higher accuracy compared to using a prism pole alone.
  • Accuracy is not reduced by having the target/prism raised up to 6'-7' to provide a good line of sight.
  • The layout point can be navigated the same way with just a prism and pole, but with the SLP2 the last 1.5" the pole can be tipped to the correct spot reducing overall layout time. Technicians find it very fast and easy to achieve high 1/16" or 1/32" tolerances during layout.
  • As-built info overhead can be impossible to collect in a packed ceiling of mechanicals, but it works well with the SLP2 because the laser dot is easy to align strait up to the boxes, pipes and valves.