All New - iDig CT740 & CT741 CONNECT 2D Excavator System (Upgradeable to 2D+ & 3D)

All New - iDig CT740 & CT741 CONNECT 2D Excavator System (Upgradeable to 2D+ & 3D)

New to the scene, the iDig CT740 & CT741 CONNECT 2D Grade System Kits have shown great promise in it's ability to make the lives of Excavator Operators much more simple. No more getting out of the cab to check grade. Long gone are the days that you need a laborer to stand in the ditch with a grade checking rod. All you have to do is have the bucket touch a known grade, reset the touch screen with a single touch, and the system now can tell you precisely how high off the ground you are. All the way down to an 1/8th of an inch. The system also allows for a set slope to be quickly programed in so the lightbar can tell you how high or low off grade you really are.

If you are looking for more accuracy, the system can connect with a rotary laser so every time you track, you can quickly reset what grade is and you are off. There is no more measuring by hand, especially with a laser. The accuracy is impeccable.

The hype surrounding this excavator seems to be related to its ease of installation. With no wires or any special tools, setup is quite quick and simple. There's been barely any sign of trouble with installation and with the available support, there really is nothing to worry about. The excitement is definitely justified behind the next level technology that is included in this kit!

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Video Link: Intro - iDig CT740 2D Excavator Grade Control Kit (Upgradeable to 2D+ & 3D)